RealHealth is an independent healthcare company that offers expert advice and treatment for back pain and other pain problems.  We mostly treat musculoskeletal pain (bone, joint and muscle), but other conditions (such as headache, or pelvic pain) usually respond equally well. 

RealHealth is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in pain and its management, and delivers its treatment from a purpose designed centre in Coventry, East Midlands. Further centres across the UK are planned.

We see people who have a pain condition that has not improved with simple treatments both early in the course of the problem (a few weeks), and later when it has become severe or chronic. We offer detailed assessments and advice about the type of therapy most likely to get them back to normal, and we offer a range of treatments delivered from our state of the art centre in Coventry.

Our treatments are based on three principles:

  • They have been proven to help (we have research based evidence of effectiveness)
  • They focus on rehabilitation (getting back to normal function, e.g. return to work)
  • They are delivered by a multidisciplinary team (doctors, psychologists,  physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and sport therapists)

Treatment at RealHealth is different from most single practitioner delivered therapy. We pride ourselves on a holistic approach based on the reality of back pain: that there is no simple cure, but with the right kind of treatment most people can lead normal lives with low pain levels. Our programmes have been shown to be as effective as surgery, and more effective than most injections and manual therapies.

In addition to offering assessments to patients coming to us as individuals, we also offer a range of services to Health Providers including Primary Care Trusts, Occupational Health Departments, Case Management Companies, Return to Work agencies and Insurers. These can include triage and assessment services, condition management programmes and return to work programmes.

"Back pain was destroying my life until I came to RealHealth"

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